611 W. Union Street
Benson, AZ 85602
(520) 586-0800

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AzCH Nurse Assist Line


611 W. Union Street
Benson, AZ 85602
(520) 586-0800

AzCH Nurse Assist Line


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Payment Options - 2018-08-03
"" More

Cenpatico Health Home - 2014-05-16
"SEABHS Sierra Vista Health Home " More

U.S. Hispanics at High Heart Disease Risk and Many Go Untreated: Report - 2021-03-04
"Even after suffering a stroke, many Hispanic Americans still have uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure or other conditions that raise their risk of a repeat one, a new study finds." More

COVID Leaves Most Pro Athletes With No Lasting Heart Damage: Study - 2021-03-04
"In some reassuring news for professional athletes, a new study finds very few develop inflammatory heart disease after being infected with COVID-19, and most can safely return to play." More

American Indians Face the Highest Odds for Stroke - 2021-03-04
"While strokes strike many Americans, a new study shows the risk is particularly high among American Indians." More

Perils of the Pandemic: Scooters, Cleansers and Button Batteries - 2021-03-04
"Fireworks, skateboards and button batteries are among the products associated with increased trips to the emergency room during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)." More

Moderna COVID Vaccine Can Sometimes Trigger Delayed Skin Reactions - 2021-03-04
"Some people given the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine may develop a reaction at the injection site that can first appear more than a week after they get the shot, research shows." More

More Data Suggests New Coronavirus Variants Weaken Vaccines, Treatments - 2021-03-04
"There's new evidence that fast-spreading variants of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 are more resistant to antibody treatments and vaccines." More

Women With Type 1 Diabetes May Have Fewer Childbearing Years: Study - 2021-03-04
"Women with type 1 diabetes may have a shorter length of time to conceive and bear children compared to those without the disease, new research suggests." More

Is Your Teen Unmotivated at School? That Might Change - 2021-03-04
"If your teen seems disinterested in school, new research suggests there's a good chance that things will get better over time." More

Opioid Addiction Relapse May Be Different for Men, Women - 2021-03-04
"Who is more likely to relapse after opioid addiction treatment - women or men? A new study that followed 1,100 recovering opioid users reveals that their risks are different." More

Add Sleep Woes to Long-Term Effects of Concussions - 2021-03-04
"Concussions can increase the long-term risk of a wide range of sleep disorders, a new study indicates." More

COVID Death Rates 10 Times Higher in Countries Where Most Are Overweight: Report - 2021-03-04
"In a finding that suggests overweight people should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines, a new report released Thursday shows the risk of death from coronavirus infection is about 10 times higher in countries where most of the population is overweight." More

Could Taking a Swing at Golf Help Parkinson's Patients? - 2021-03-03
"For helping Parkinson's patients improve their balance and mobility, golf may beat the martial art exercise tai chi, a new, small study reveals." More

AHA News: Calming Us Down or Revving Us Up, Music Can Be Good for the Heart - 2021-03-03
"Even in ancient times, Greek physicians used flutes and stringed instruments for healing. Today, researchers are still sorting out the health benefits." More

2579 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)