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Benson, AZ 85602
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AzCH Nurse Assist Line


611 W. Union Street
Benson, AZ 85602
(520) 586-0800

AzCH Nurse Assist Line


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Getting Started
Here are some forms to get started. These can be printed and brought with you so that you can pre-fill out some known info ahead of time. More...

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Payment Options - 2018-08-03
"" More

Getting Started - 2015-02-26
"Here are some forms to get started. These can be printed and brought with you so that you can pre-fill out some known info ahead of time." More

Cenpatico Health Home - 2014-05-16
"SEABHS Sierra Vista Health Home " More

Very Early-Stage Breast Cancer Ups Long-Term Odds for Invasive Tumors: Study - 2020-05-29
"Women with cancerous cells in their milk ducts -- also known as DCIS -- are at a high risk for developing fatal breast cancer, British researchers report." More

AHA News: Inherited High Cholesterol May Be Common in People With Heart Disease - 2020-05-29
"An inherited disorder that causes high cholesterol early in life appears to affect about 25 million people worldwide, but it is especially common among people with cardiovascular disease, new research suggests." More

DVT Clots Strike Many Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients: Study - 2020-05-29
"In a small French study, three-quarters of all COVID-19 patients admitted to intensive care went on to experience a dangerous blood clot in the leg that can travel to the lungs and potentially cause death." More

High-Potency Pot Tied to Big Rise in Psychiatric Issues - 2020-05-29
"Marijuana has long been linked to a host of mental health risks, but the potent strains sold today may amplify those dangers, new research suggests." More

Prostate Cancer Drug Could Be 'Game Changing,' Researchers Say - 2020-05-29
"For men with advanced prostate cancer, a new hormone therapy pill works better than standard injections -- and carries a much lower risk of heart attack or stroke, a clinical trial has found." More

Your Eyewear and COVID-19 Safety - 2020-05-29
"Coronavirus-related safety is crucial if you wear contact lenses, eyeglasses or safety glasses/goggles, experts say." More

Pandemic Having More Impact on U.S. Hospitals Than Thought: Study - 2020-05-29
"Hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the United States spend more time in the hospital and are more likely to require intensive care than patients in China, a new study says." More

Big Need for Blood Donations as Postponed Surgeries Resume - 2020-05-29
"As U.S. hospitals resume procedures put on hold by the coronavirus outbreak, there's an urgent need for blood and platelet donations, the American Red Cross says." More

As Hard-Hit Areas of America Show Slowing in Coronavirus Cases, Other Regions See Spikes - 2020-05-29
"Wisconsin saw its highest single-day increase in both cases and deaths just two weeks after the state's highest court overturned a stay-at-home order; Alabama, Arkansas, California and North Carolina are seeing some of their highest case numbers and death tallies yet; and metropolitan areas like Fayetteville, Ark.; Yuma, Ariz.; and Roanoke and Charlottesville, Va., may soon see new highs in cases and deaths." More

Emergency Transport Can Surprise Many With Big Bills - 2020-05-28
"Money is the last thing on anyone's mind during a medical emergency, but new research shows many patients could be hit with huge bills for that ambulance drive or helicopter flight to the hospital." More

Hydroxychloroquine May Worsen Odds for Cancer Patients With COVID-19 - 2020-05-28
"Researchers found that cancer patients with COVID-19 who receive both hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin have a higher risk of death than those who aren't given the two drugs." More

1 in 10 Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients With Diabetes Dies: Study - 2020-05-29
"Ten percent of COVID-19 patients with diabetes die within a week of entering the hospital and 20% need a ventilator to breathe by that point, a new French study found." More

2560 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)