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Welcome to our Healthcare topic center. In this area, you will find references and information concerning important topics such as health insurance, mental health advocacy, the mental health professions (psychiatry, psychology, social work, etc.), and various treatments and interventions (e.g., medications and psychotherapy).

The healthcare system in the United States has and continues to undergo significant change. The advent and widespread adoption of managed care over the past 30 years has completely changed how health treatments are paid for. Rapid advances in technology and pharmacology have contributed to rising health care costs. While employed persons are still reasonably sure of having access to care, the poor and unemployed are often not so lucky. The Affordable Care Act was passed to address some of these issues, but there is still a long way to go. These significant changes in how health care is delivered have made life difficult for all.


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What should I know about healthcare?

  • Healthcare includes areas such as health insurance, mental health advocacy, the mental health professions (psychiatry, psychology, social work, etc.), and various treatments and interventions (e.g., medications and psychotherapy).
  • It is important to know as much about how the healthcare system works as possible if one is to get the best possible care for one’s self.
  • Choosing a doctor is one of the most important decisions anyone can make and the best time to make that decision is while you are still healthy and have time to really think about all your choices.
  • Deciding to have surgery can be difficult, but an informed decision may be easier to make once you know why surgery is necessary and whether there are other treatment choices.

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